About Us

Masters Beauty Store believes no one should feel like they have to compromise their health and sanity for skincare. With the beauty industry skyrocketing to new levels each year and multiple hours spent on skincare routines, leave the toxic ingredients out. Created to showcase the natural beauty in women everywhere, Masters Beauty Store offers carefully selected products formulated to ignite empowerment in your beauty routines.

Like plants, skin soaks up nutrients, and at Masters Beauty Store, we are firmly committed to providing rejuvenated natural ingredients from the earth to recharge the nourishment that our skin holds. For all ages, we offer clinically proven products made with ingredients and herbals backed by science.

When creating our signature Masters Retinol Body Cloud Crème, it was important for us to create a unique formula that sparked confidence in your sun-kissed skin. By protecting the barrier for a clear, radiant glow, we amplify the cells to supply you with beautiful, healthy, and youthful skin. Giving you the benefits and care you crave, we work beneath the surface to transform how you treat yourself. Our Masters Retinol skincare line is curated with organic elements because we truly believe that nature is all we need. Our process is unmatched from start to finish, with the intention of elevating and supporting your skin with each application. Let us help you in redefining your morning and night routines with items that will ensure to leave your skin feeling incredible and luxurious.

Brand Story

Finding products that agree with your skin can be a massive game-changer in how you feel about yourself and ultimately can elevate you in other areas of your life. In the ever-changing skincare industry, it can be overwhelming to pick out products that correlate with who you are. We understand your dilemma and want nothing more than to present you with formulas made with your skin's health in mind.

Since 2019, Masters Beauty Store has been revolutionizing the skincare industry to provide high-quality, health-first ingredients and effective products that make skincare simple. For women of all ages and backgrounds, Masters Beauty Store not only works to be the solution for several skin care issues but is effective through natural, non-toxic elements. From all of our collections, we're committed to producing skincare that directly benefits your skin's health and prosperity. Integrating the secrets of Mother Earths' gems with science-backed ingredients, Masters Beauty Store is a source of empowerment for everyone who believes in an impactful skin regimen. By incorporating intentional products in a modern luxury space that makes you feel good, we genuinely want you to believe in your skin as a work of art from head to toe.

Mission Statement

We know you try to be cautious of what you let in and on your body. At Masters Beauty Store, it's also our mission to help you achieve more in your routine by offering products you can trust. Our priority is to keep you on track with how to stay healthy, beautiful and nourished with the right ingredients. We strive to close the gaps in the traditional views of cosmetics and offer options that will expand your curiosity and dig deeper into how you buy.

Beyond the company, we are promoting a movement surrounding inner beauty and confidence for all women, regardless of age or background. As a Black-owned and women-owned brand, when you shop with us, you're also helping empower other women to participate in the importance of self-care and wellness for everyone in our sisterhood.

Vision Statement

Our community of inclusivity prides itself on the expansion of products for all skin shades and types. Our hope is that each person who shops our products feel powerful in their skin and want to share their joy and excitement. With your support, we promise to continue our artistry and shatter the narrative of what is deemed beautiful in a society of fast trends. Instead, we will promote the stories and discoveries of those who can encourage others to believe in better for their skin and take care of their bodies.